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Cause n 1 : "Protection and restoration of springs and biodiversity in the region."

We achieve this objective through establishing micro-reliefs for catchment and retention of rain and snow water, large-scale composting and establishing vegetation of endemic and other useful plants in the territories damaged by erosion and deforestation in the area of “Cherni kamik”.
We perform these activities here on the spot with obvious results (we have planted more than 1000 trees so far!)  We also provide full support of such activities in other areas damaged by erosion in Bulgaria.

Our ten years of experience at this site shows that the creation of micro-reliefs with the help of a digging machine and the large-scale composting are stopping erosion, retaining moisture, enriching the soil and stabilizing the flow of springs. Supportive conditions for the life of diverse wild plants and  animals are created.


On the aim of improving our positive environmental impact it is necessary to purchase the following equipment:

Mini excavation machine - 15 000 BGN (7 673 EUR);

Mini tractor 27 h.p with mower, knives, shredder, front loader, trailertotal: 35 000 BGN (17 903 EUR);


Cause n 2 : "Establishing favorable conditions for settlement on the spot of long term residents with children."

We achieve our purpose through purchase of land and construction of small, but comfortable family houses  to be hire-purchased, against work for the project. So far we have purchased 3 ha. and constructed one common eco house categorized as guest rooms.

To provide shelter for the actual residents it is necessary to:

Repair one available house - 15 000 BGN (7673 EUR);

Construct one house - 30 000 BGN (15 345 EUR);

• Construct one tiny house - 19 000 BGN (9 718 EUR);

For education it is necessary to:

Construct a hall for studying and practices - 21 000 BGN (10 741 EUR); 

• Construct and equipy a kitchen workshop - 27 000 BGN (13 810 EUR);

• Construct a workshop, purchase instruments and equipment - 27 000 BGN (13 810 EUR);


Cause n 3 : "Development of micro-economy aimed at providing a living of the residents and attracting more residents."

We achieve this purpose, developing environmental and healthy tourism and production of various goods.


In order to enlarge our guest hosting capacity we need to:

• Construct 3 tiny houses x 15 000 BGN (7 672 EUR)

= 45 000 BGN (23 017 EUR);

In order to provide the residents and guests with environmentally clean fruit and vegetables, production of raw materials for transformation on the spot and seed material, we currently need to:

Construct and equipy a vegetarium-greenhouse with an area of 132 sq. M. - 7000 BGN (4 604 EUR);


To provide transport for our guests, for materials and products from the asphalt road to “Vegetarium” rest house and back it is necessary to:


• Purchase a 4x4 minivan – 14 000 BGN (7 161 EUR);



You can donate trough bank transfer, here are our details:

Trinoga association - IBAN: BG90 UNCR 7000 1523 1382 34

Unicredit Bulbank - BIC: UNCRBGSF


Please, notice that our bank is taking 7 EUR for the bank transfer.

For donations under 200 EUR - please use PAYPAL:




Please, write the folowing reason for payment: "Donation for cause number ... (the chosen number)".


For precise information or any questions, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone number +359 885050565 .




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