Literally "Vegetarium" means: "PERFECT ENVIRONMENT TO GROW".


Our “Vegetarium” project aims self realisation through positive development of all three dimensions of the Integral approach:

BALANCE the character;

ENRICH the main competences;

ELEVATE AND STABILISE the level of consciousness.


Our sustainable home and gardens offer the necessary environment for integral development.

We are looking forward to make you experience this fabulous adventure!


Join a balanced life rhythm which includes various practices: for the body and soul, healthy nutrition, walks in nature, individual and cooperative creativity, physical and mental labour for biodiversity and social unity!


Together we experience:

• Introduction into the Integral approach following Ken Wilber and other experts; 
• Transition toward balanced everyday lifestyle;
• Healthy nutrition and cooking; 
• Body, breathing and anti stress practices; 
• Ecology and regenerative agriculture
• Diving into wild nature (harmonious stay, collection skills); 
• Eco cosmetics and household products – do it yourself; 
• Family and social skills and mutual assistance; 
• Paneurhythmy or intuitive music and dancing.


• Shelter and food in natural environment; 

• Guided walks in the surrounding mountains - discovering caves, waterfalls, ancients ruins, rustic farms, bread taking panoramas and local customs;

• Various all-season opportunities for lectures, training and team building;


 • Rental of guest rooms, tepee, wagon, tents;

• Guided visits of the place to present our regenerative landscaping activities; 

• P
ractical training. 

Unlike the chaotic diving in the ocean of information, we are harmoniously moving into Integral approach by Ken Wilber, M.D. Dimitar Pashkulev and other specialists. 

We improve our manifestations and achievements, acquiring fundamental knowledge in the main directions which are: 

• Approaches and dimensions in the integral system;

• Natural medicine and prevention;

• Ecology and regenerative agriculture;

• Psychology and pedagogy;

• Economics;

• Informatics;

• Languages;

• Arts;

• Some others...

This leads to fruitful self-development !


 What is the Integral approach?

A beautiful synthesis between the world's wisdom and applied sciences;

An understanding of the unity and differences in nature, humans and society;

A system for harmonising one's health, relationships and life goals;

Respect for individual characteristics and talents.


What does the Integral Approach has to offer?

Gaining insight into a new level of the “puzzle” of life;

The necessary methods and means for succeeding in important spheres of life;

Overcoming the inertia of every-day life through an exciting journey inside oneself;

The secrets to harmonious communication as well as sharing knowledge, attitudes and experience in an interesting fashion;

Developing skills and learning techniques for the body and mind, healthy nutrition, herbal remedies and ecological culture.



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